Angela Cannon-Crothers

Our Voices, Our Wisdom; An Herb Haven Year


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A Mile In Her Boots; Women Who Work in the Wild, edited by Jennifer Bove' published by Solas Hous. Includes, "Collecting Clouds" by Cannon-Crothers.

 The stories in this remarkable collection detail the experiences of women who work in a variety of outdoor professions including smoke jumping, river running, professional falconry, and horse packing. A celebration of women making their way in the wild, these stories run the gamut of on-the-job adventure: rescuing sea turtles amidst a swarm of nude bathers, tracking a pair of fugitive Montana mountain men, hauling up nets of salmon, mushing sled dogs, landing a helicopter in a swamp full of alligators, and more. As you wind your way through the book, you'll get to know this group of wild women, each of whom extends her hand and welcomes you to explore the rough-hewn details of her trade.

From the Back Cover

Beyond the bounds of society's more common professions, women are tackling tests of courage and stamina. They're employed as pilots, park rangers, scientists, and smoke jumpers, and their work requires the guts to get up in the morning and face whatever whim Mother Nature has to offer. It's not about showing up the guys, the real challenge for these women is breaking ground within themselves because they love what they do. In this unique collection, editor Jennifer Bové introduces you to 28 professional outdoorswomen, each of whom extends her hand and welcomes you to explore the gritty details of her trade. Tighten up your boot laces and come along!

* Track a pair of fugitive Montana mountain men alongside Susan Marsh
* Fend off a deadly fer-de-lance and find the heart of field research with Lela Stanley in the jungles of Panama
* Fish for a little trouble with MaryJane Butters, one of the first female backcountry rangers with the U.S. Forest Service
* Rescue a nest of hatchling sea turtles with Judy Edwards amid a swarm of nude bathers on a Hawaiian beach
* And keep moving on, as fire lookout Karla Theilen urges in her gripping story of survival - many more adventures await

About the Editor

Jennifer Bové bushwacked, snorkeled, and wrangled wildlife for five years as a field biologist before heading into the uncharted territory of fulltime motherhood.


 "I see leaves change

from deep green to red.

The grapes are turning

to purple instead."


 So begins the story of a little girl whose mother spends the grape harvest in the Finger Lakes picking grapes, slipping skins, and making pies. Discover what is learned when she convinces her mother to enter one of her pies in the World's Greatest Grape Pie Contest!

Includes a grape pie recipe and brief history of the grape pie cottage industry in Naples, NY.


 The book is gratefully illustrated by the internationally renown, local folk artist, Darryl Abraham.



The Wildcrafter, by Angela Cannon-Crothers

  “If you like Barbara Kingsolver, you’ll love this book!  I couldn’t put it down!”

                                    -Jodi Simons, Open Arms Yoga

The story of a young mother living in a remote area of the Taconic Mountains of Vermont attempting to earn a livelihood off the wild edibles and medicinal plants she gathers and finds her alternative lifestyle and custody of her child threatened by outside forces both real and fantastical.


Lorraine Lewish, known as “Rain the Wildcrafter” of Southwestern Vermont, is an enigmatic young widow and mother who both hides from the ills of the world and embraces the nature of it.  Peter, her four-year-old son, speaks to fairies and a mysterious and ominous ghost who may or may not be his father.  Her son’s paternal family members are not the only ones concerned about the boy when he begins to grow more and more enchanted by a world of imagination and silent messages.


As a custody battle ensues, six very different characters grow more and more entangled in a growing web of secrecy and find, through their connection with the Wildcrafter, their lives are irreversibly changing.  Even those who believe they have been following their own paths will find life plans altered by the hands of fate when the boy comes up missing.


The Wildcrafter hosts memorable characters like Kyler Higgins, a dashing old bear and coon hunter, a sister-in-law struggling in a violent marriage, a calloused old goat farmer from southern decent, and a sleazy grandmother with a truly broken heart.  The story casts a spell of intrigue as it moves through the perspectives of everyone involved with Rain and her son’s future. Through a paradigm of helping save someone else, the characters find they are saving themselves.


The Wildcrafter is a story of our connections to the earth, and our connections to each other.  It is a story about people making life changes, taking risks, and holding onto their convictions.  In the end, both Rain and her greatest nemesis of all may find a path toward healing in the arms of one small boy.

The novel, which features a beautiful cover created by local art teacher and song writer, Brooke Pevear, is available for loan at the Naples Public Library or can be purchased through